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.                         ... as an1890 American rancher.

Nearly 50 years ago, to escape the Midwest winters, I moved to Arizona where I eventually retired from a career in the aerospace industry. Retirement has allowed me to pursue full-time a life-long hobby and deep passion; over three hundred years of Southwest cowboy history. I’ve not just researched and studied this history, over the years I have attempted to recreate and live as much of it as has been within my skills, abilities, and resources. For several years now, my horse and faithful partner, Concho, and I have portrayed cowboy life in living history for schools and non-profits as well as civic, and corporate events. We present this history in any one of three different historically accurate personas; a 1750 Spanish Colonial Caballero (horseman and gentleman rancher), an 1850 Mexican/American vaquero (cowboy), or an 1890 American cowboy. All clothing, working gear, and horse equipment (including horse training) is correct for each period. If what Concho and I are wearing, including saddles, is not an authentic antique, it is a museum quality restoration or recreation I have either restored or recreated myself. Concho and I are often booked to portray these three individuals in living history for schools, non-profits, and special civic events. We are also Arizona ambassadors and parade flag bearers for the National Day of the Cowboy.  Conchos’ appearance in a performance is, of course, optional depending on location and space available.

Please,  tour our website and find out just a bit of what you might expect from us. The items pictured are only a sampling of the actual items you might see in a presentation.

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 Call 623-221-3804 (c) or send an email to CLAinAZ@aol.com to book a performance at your next event or comment on the Web Site.

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