Mexican Vaquero Clothing

This dashing fellow is wearing a pair of the short, knee-length  pantalones (pants) that were common amongs the Mexicans. They were buttoned down the entire legth of the outside seam with small silver conchos. Even when long pants were worn they were left unbuttoned below the knee to expose the leather bota de ala  (winged boot) wrapped around his lower leg for protection against rough brush. In place of a belt he wears the ever present bright colored sash. The sash also served as his pockets and he could carry an unbeleivable amount of personal items in it. The the modern Levi jacket was modeled after his short jacket. The large brim on his sombrero (hat) offered a good deal of shade from the hot sun of the Southwest. Around his neck was always a large bandana, usually red silk. Mexican cowboys seldom carried a firearm but always had a very sharp dagger slipped in the top of the bota de ala

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