Formats, Facilities, and Fees


“Formats” is probably a little misleading. Concho and I don’t have what is often refered to as a “canned” or a fixed and carefully rehearsed performance. Every performances is custom tailored to whatever you  might require for your event. Therefore,  I will need some information.                Such as …….

1. The time frame(s). A performance can be anything from a 10 minute talk to several hours, several days, anything in between, or any combination thereof.

2.  Will the performance be held indoors or out of doors?

3. If Concho is included is the space available adequate? If he is to be only a still model or a visual  “prop” very little room is needed. To see us in action requires good footing and can take quite a bit of room depending on the sort of action expected.

4.  Historically, neccessity dictated that knives, handguns, rifles, and shotguns be among the tools these cultures used. However, in view of the way things are today, their physical presence is optional. Their presence or absence in no way affects the historical accuracy nor the educational quality of a performance. If firearms are to be included I ask that someone in authority physically verify that they are not loaded and all ammunition is fake … because the guns are not.

5. Is a Public Address (PA) system required and, if so, is one available? There are several options on this matter.

6. A three month advance booking is preferred. However, sometimes a cancelation will leave a date open so, don’t hesitate to check. I do book standing invitations to annual events with the fee adjusted annually in accordance with any required changes in a performance or to bring the fees in line with the general economy.


This is normally only important if Concho is part of the equation and depends on how far we have to travel and/or how long the event. If it involves an overnight or several days both Concho and I will, of course, require lodging. I have found hotels quite adamant in refusing to put a horse up in one of their rooms. This will need to be discussed.


I cannot anticipate your requirements. One hour in a school classroom 5 miles from home without Concho is one thing. Transporting a horse halfway across the United States (or even within the sprawling Phoenix, AZ metro area) to do 2 or 3 performances each day for a  3 or 4 day event  is altogether something else again.

Considering the almost endless variables it is impossible to come up with a set of fixed fees that would be fair to both you and me.  Get in touch and let’s talk …………….

Call 623-221-3804 (c), or send an email to and book a performance at your next event.

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